P1 Registration and P7 Enrolment

The date for registration of new school entrants to Primary 1 is the responsibility of City of Edinburgh Council and is advertised in all local nurseries, in the local press and on the Council’s website.

Registration for Primary One at St Joseph’s takes place in November each year. Please remember that children should be registered in only one school for their catchment area. Parents/Carers will be provided with information about the school when they register their child.

Parents/Carers can expect the following support:

November:      Registration Week –  Meet with HT/DHT and House Captain tour of the school

March:              Parents / Carers receive letter from City of Edinburgh offering a place at school

April:                 St. Joseph’s will contact all families on their list to attend for Transition Day

May:                  Transition Day 1 for children and meeting for parents / carers

May-June:       Staff visits to Nursery establishments. Transition activities with Nursery – P1

June:                Transition Day 2 and meet P3 Buddy

Enhanced transition visits will be provided to help meet with any additional need of our children.

The link for the admissions information is at the City of Edinburgh Council website.

Enrolling Children in Primary 2 – Primary 7

Parents of pupils who have moved into the catchment area or, who wish their child to transfer to St. Joseph’s RC Primary School, should contact the school office for information and arrange an appointment to meet with the Head Teacher.

You can book a time to register by calling 0131 443 4591.

We look forward to welcoming you and your fmaily to St. Joseph’s RC Primary School!