Status post

This is a status post. It doesn’t show the post title, but it does show the username of the person that posted it and their profile photo. It’s not of much use unless you want to pretend your blog roll is Twitter. A Twitter that only you can post to. Fun eh? Your public profile … More Status post

Quote post

This is a quote post. The title is not shown at all and anything that has been created as a blockquote is highlighted by a colour box. To create a blockquote select the text you wish to show as a quote and click the blockquote – speechmarks – icon above. Normally a block quote is … More Quote post

Standard post

This is a standard post. You create it in much the same way as you would a page, however there are some post-specific features. Format You can choose specific formats of posts. In general, these are not used often, however they can help highlight certain content. Examples of different formats can be seen beneath this post. … More Standard post

Image post

This is an image post. These are not particularly useful, as you can use images in standard posts. The only difference is that the title of the post is not shown as a header, but in small text at the end of the post.

Aside post

This is an aside post. The title is in smaller font and it is given a background colour.   Asides can be useful to highlight things.